New to Chambers County and live in the W. F. Burns zoning area?

Parents of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who are new to Chambers County and in the W. F. Burns Middle School zoning area, please register your child Monday, July 27 - Wednesday, August 5 during the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Parents & Grandparents Day

Parents and Grandparents Day at W. F. Burns Middle School will be October 14 from 9:30 -12:30. Book Fair will be going on this day and you are welcome to come browse with your child. You may come have lunch with your child but please be mindful that no fast food containers can be brought into the lunchroom. Brown or white paper bags and no soft drinks per state regulations.

Back to School Newsletter

These were sent home the first day of school. Please keep it and refer to it during the school year to keep up with what is going on in our school. The letter is also available on Facebook.

Dollar General awards W. F. Burns Middle School $3,000.00 Grant

Denise Philpott, our Media Specialist at W. F. Burns has written and received grant funds from Dollar General to purchase eBooks and Chromebooks for the library at W. F. Burns. Mrs. Philpott, students, and staff are so appreciative to Dollar General for giving back to our community.


The Media Center is excited to announce the addition of eBooks to our inventory. These books were purchased with funds from the Dollar General Literacy Grant that Mrs. Philpott wrote. Please take a minute to use the weblink below and login information to view the titles. We have books on how math and science are used in everyday life and careers, social issues, sports, cyber issues and health issues. These books can be accessed anywhere that has internet service. We will be receiving the hardcover book soon too. Student Username: wfburns Student Password: student

Parent Portal

Teachers will be prompted to log into the server with your network username and password.

Parents will be asked for a username/password too...they will enter parent for the username and welcome for the password.

Then you will see the inow log in screen where you enter your email address and network password.

Parents will see the iNow log in screen and they will enter their school assigned Username and Password

Art Supplies

Thank You to CharterBank and Mrs. Bonnie Bonner for purchasing art supplies for our teachers this year. These supplies are making the biggest difference in the instruction of Art at W.F. Burns Middle School. They will be put to great use.


Congratualtions to the following ladies for making the JV Softball Team:

JV: Charity Allen Allie Davis Tiffany Granger Meagan Green Raven Houston Maddie Johnson Gacie Landis Monica Murphy Haley Petty Lindsey Siggers Bailey Sorrell Skylar Smith Savanna Smith Taylor Vallia Katy Watkins


6 years ago


Dr. Frankie Bell, Principal

Jeffrey Barnes, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Reagan Lowe, Secretary/Bookkepper

Mrs. LaWendy Willis, Counselor

Name Position Email Address
Allen, Mindee Gifted
Autry, Tamalita 6th Grade Science
Baker, Darrel 8th Grade Mathematics
Baker, Hillary 8th Grade English
Belcher, Vicki Cafeteria Manager
Bolt, Jessica 8th Grade Social Studies
Brown, Karen Visually Impaired
Brumfield, Tara Nurse
Bunn, Chelsea 7th & 8th Grade Science
Bush, Greg 8th Grade English
Copeland, Elnora Self-Contained Teacher
Coxwell,   Rebecca 7th Grade Social Studies
Deloach, Kitty Band
Doyal, Christin 6th   Grade Science

Ernst, Laura Collaborative Teacher

Grimes, George Physical Education
Holloway, Gretchen 6th Grade Social Studies
Hudson, Ben 8th Grade Science
Magby, Marlene ISS
Mangram, Latisha 7th Grade Mathematics
McQueen, Jessica 6th Grade Mathematics
Meadows, Tina Paraprofessional
Miles, Maria 8th Grade Social Studies
Philpott, Denise Librarian/Yearbook
Piper, Fern Physical Education

Robinson, Mark 7th Grade Social Studies
Shaddix, Elizabeth 6th Grade Social Studies

Sheffield, Meredith 7th Grade Mathematics
Skoch, Lindsey 6th Grade Mathematics
Spencer, Kim 7th Grade English
Stewart, Julie 6th Grade English
Still, Bo Physical Education
Stringer, Debra Paraprofessional

Parent Portal

As of today (August 6th) Parent Portal will not be active until scheduling has been completed.

Meet Frankie Bell

6 years ago

Note from the Principal
Dr. Frankie Bell
(334) 756-3567 EXT 11

How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

Message to Parents


  1. Send your child to school in a good frame of mind.
  2. Build up confidence with statements such as, "I am proud of you", " I know you will do well", etc.
  3. Praise your child for doing something well, especially if it is not usually a strong point.
  4. Do not praise for unsatisfactory work, for work not up to par.
  5. Expect to see samples of school work regularly. Ask for it.
  6. Support the teacher and the school. If you have a concern, take it up directly with the teacher.
  7. Have books around the house, either the library's or your own. Have a dictionary for sure; other reference if possible.
  8. Keep your child well stocked with school supplies. All workers must have the proper tools!
  9. Show real interest in school. Attend PAC meetings, and special functions, etc.Teachers take more interest in children whose parents they know personally. It is not "favoritism"; it's just that knowing the parent makes the child more real to the teacher.
  10. Encourage your child to inquire. Don't put him or her off. If you don't know the answer, encourage your child to look it up or figure it out. Then check to see how he/she did.
  11. Look over homework and encourage careful work.
  12. Encourage 100% school attendance and be on time each day. The time spent in class, with interaction between students and teacher, is the key to academic success. Never make it easy for your child to miss school or miss a class!

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. If you made it all the way through, you are a terrific parent! We look forward to working with you this year as we strive to provide the best possible school experience for your terrific child.

For the children,  

Frankie Bell, Principal