PICTURE DAYS For W. F. Burns School Year 2016-2017

Mark Calendar please.
Fall School Day Pictures - August 19th Mandatory for Teachers and Students for yearbooks. Absentee/Makeup School Day Pictures - September 19th Students who were present on original day will need a note from home to get out of class for pictures. Band, clubs, aides,groups other fall sports photos for yearbook this day.
Friends Picture Day - November 22nd - Up to 10 per picture - These pictures will be in yearbook. Basketball pictures. Spring Pictures - February 17th - Not Mandatory - not in yearbook. Spring Sports Pictures - Baseball, softball, track.

PAC - Parent Advisory Committee Meeting dates

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February and in October Students will come with their Language Classes to browse and purchase. They may come anytime after their browse days as long as they have money to spend. One visit per day. You must spend at least $1:00 when you come after browsing. No coats, jackets, book bags or purses are allowed.